Dirty Diapers

So. Let me just grace you guys with this lovely story about my daughter pooping her brains out. They day started out totally normal. Fed her at about 6:30 am, let her play while I made food and coffee for me and my husband, and after eating, I put her down for a nap at about 8:30. Got my son up and fed him as well. Me and my son were sitting in the living room and I hear Emily making some noise in her bed room. It was weirdly early for her to wake up, but I really didnt think much of it. I just walked in her room and picked her up. And that’s when I felt it.

When I put Emily to sleep, I always put her in this poofy bear outfit (she lovessssss it). Well, it went COMPLETELY through the diaper, her onesie, AND the bear outfit. It even went through my sleeve after picking her up, while I was totally unaware of the horribleness that had occurred. Of course once my arm felt wet, I knew what was going on. After all, i have a 3 year old toddler and I’ve had to deal with my share of diaper explosions. Immediately I walked to the living room and sat her down on her diaper changing pad.

When I took her bear outfit off, I then saw that all the poop had moved around in there. It. Was. Everywhere. On her hands, chest, belly and feet. I kid you not, it took 30 minutes just to make sure it was all off of her. Another 30 to throughly bathe her. The whole time, she screamed bloody murder because she was pissed I wasn’t letting her sit up and play. Poor baby 😦

Anyways, after that I had to take immediate action to get the bear outfit cleaned because of course, its THE ONLY WAY SHE SLEEPS. 😑

So I stick it in the sink and try to wash off the poop with my zote soap laundry bar. That took forever because its thick and heavy and COVERED IN POOP. After that I stuck it in the washer with bleach (I buy important things in white so I can bleach the heck out of them). After that I was so relieved to be done. I sat on the couch for one second before thinking “I bet it went through her baby swing…” I got up and ran to the nursary and sure enough… it had dripped from the baby swing ONTO THE FLOOR. WHAT IN THE WORLD WENT WRONG WITH EMILYS TUMMY?! So I had to clean up the floor and tear off all the cloth from the baby swing and put that in the washer as well.

Needless to say it all took me over an hour to get things under control. Poopy diapers and serious. They mean business. Literall business 😂😂

I later told the story to my husband and he expressed sympathy while laughing at the same time. I admit it. I laughed too. 🙂

Thanks for reading guys!


It’s been a minute…

Uhh actually much more than a minute… and I don’t even quite have decent excuse as to why that is. Sure, my life has been as crazy as any other moms, but I think what really happened is I simply lost my momentum. Pregnancy and childbirth are strange things. The effect of them on our emotions is seriously mind blowing. I lost that good, upbeat energy I needed to put my soul into my blogs. So for this blog, I thought I’d fill in what happened in my absence.

My pregnancy started to get a little wacky after a bit. My feet looked like balloons. Now, I know peoples feet swell during pregnancy, but this was next level stuff. Even the doctors told me it was pretty extreme. I couldn’t walk in the store for longer that 10 minute spans without my feet stopping me. I knew all pregnancies were different but I’m not going to lie, I was shocked considering I had zero swelling with my first pregnancy. However this symptom isn’t what really stopped me from doing much.

The anemia is what really stopped me. As soon as the doc found out what my levels were, she immediately sent me for Iron infusions. At first I really just thought I felt like total crap because if the pregnancy. I was agitated, tired all the time, and my heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest. Not to mention the maddening symptom of feeling like I couldn’t breathe enough air in. It made everything impossible. I wasn’t cleaning the house, the laundry was piling up, and I didnt ever want to cook. I told myself it was just laziness, but I wasn’t aware of the real culprit.

Once I had that under control, I finally started feeling better. I immediately went on a massive cleaning rampage until the house was absolutely spotless. I went through every room, every cabinet, and every container. The nesting. Hit. Hard. Once that was done, I really felt like I was just anxiously waiting her arrival. Every doctors appointment, I was hoping they’d say shes close. But that was never the case. I pretty much dialated all at once, when she was ready. It happened about 3 am. I woke up and immediately knew it was time. I went to the hospital straight away because I was group b strep positive, so I knew I needed to be medicated. For those who dont know, group b strep is a harmless bacteria that can live in any woman. It’s not dangerous for us, but it can be for a baby.

Then at about 9 am I gave birth to my sweet little Emily. She weighed 7 pounds and was an absolute angel. After all the breastfeeding troubles AND sicknesses, I can finally say that everything is settled down and there’s finally order and schedule (to an extent lol) in my home. So here’s to a future in my blogging, and here’s to the craziness of raising two sweeties and telling you guys all about this mess 🙂

Our ant problems

So let me tell you about what me and my husband did durring the weekend. We experimented on the GIANT fire ant hills outside our house.

The first thing I did was look at a facebook homesteading page to see if there was any advice. Most people said either grits, or hot soapy water. We tried the hot soapy water first. Now I had my doubts about this because I didnt see how that would reach the queen. We poured a gallon of it on top of the ant hill and returned to it later. My husband took a shovel and dug up the ant hill to see if the soapy water had gone down and killed the ants below. They were still perfectly fine.

I then boiled the water in my kettle. This of course didnt work either. The water simply wont kill the ants. It wont go deep enough to get to the queen.

Next I tried the grits theory. I put plenty of instant grits on an untouched ant hill and came back later. Once again, it didnt seem to have an effect at all. The ants were carrying it around, but when I did more research, I found out why this doesn’t work either. The idea is that the ants will eat the grits and the grits will expand inside the ant and cause it to explode basically. The reason this doesn’t work is because only specific ants will even eat the grits, and they will turn them into liquid. This means it wont hurt ANY ants or the queen.

So we finally went out and bought ant bait. They’ve been inside the house, bit me, my son, my husband, and even got into the cat food. So I was just ready to get rid of those little devils. We also used some yard ant poison and sprinkled some on all the hills. We then sprinkled water so the poison would go further into the hill. There was still grits on some of the hills so I’m hoping that the poison got on the grits and when they eat the grits, they will die. After that is when I would place the bait, so that they would also carry that to the queen.

I’m crossing my fingers that this will solve our ant problem! I want to be able to take my son outside to play without worrying about him getting tons of fire ant bites!

If anyone knows any natral ways to get rid of ants, please share. I will have to work to control the ants for the next two months, and it would be great if there was a chemical free way I could control them.

Thanks for reading today’s blog 🙂

How I feel about preggo cravings

If you’ve been pregnant you’ve more than likely experienced the side effect of cravings. You know what I’m talking about. That feeling where you HAVE to eat a specific food RIGHT NOW. And if you dont get that food, you’re going to flip out on whoever is in the danger zone. Meaning anyone that’s in sight basically. Your husband. Your kid. Your mom. Anyone.

So I’m going to tell you how my experience has been so far with this pregnancy and the cravings that come along with it.

I’m going to start off on a positive note about the cravings. When I eat something that I’m craving, its AMAZING. It’s like I lived in captivity for 20 years with crap food and suddenly I’m free and food tastes SOOOO GOOD. Or like scratching an itch you’ve had forever. When you finally scratch it, it’s like this amazing relief. Well that’s what it’s like. Pure heaven.

However, there’s a downside. Usually I crave total junk food. So I feel great for about 30 minutes, and then I feel bloated and sick for about 3 hours. And of course there is the fact that no one wants to eat total junk and gain unwanted weight durring pregnancy. As of now I dont need to worry about that, but you never know with pregnancy. Things can turn around REAL quick.

I’ll also say that when I eat a craving food, it makes me in a pretty darn good mood. Which is sort of rare with the raging hormones. Every now and then I even crave something healthy, so I dont have to suffer the fattening food consequences 🙂 those times are GREAT.

A major problem I have though, is the fact that sometimes I will crave something so intensely, that the thought of any other type of food is gross, and I have no desire to eat anything else. This is not a good thing because me and my husband aren’t rich, and this can get pricey. So sometimes I have so just suffer for a few hours until the craving finally goes away, and I can eat something different. This definitely makes me in a bad mood, and I feel for my husband when he has to deal with me during this! Hes seriously been a trooper through this whole thing and I love him so much for that.

So I dont know. Sometimes when I get a healthy craving it’s pretty great, other times the cravings feel like a curse. But the fact is that I know I’m getting these cravings because a little life is forming inside of me, is pretty darn cool. So I guess I’ll put up with it 🙂

Here’s a list of random crap I’ve craved durring this pregnancy just for fun:

Spicy chicken sandwich.

Ketchup packets. Alone.

Hot sauce packets. Alone.

Taco bell.

Spicy soup.

Salt and vinegar chips.


Beer (I dont give into this craving).


Grilled chicken.

Green beans and corn mixed together.

Ramen noodles.

Thanks for reading follwers 🙂

Being preggo with a toddler.

Pretty much the hardest part about being pregnant this time, is the fact that I already have a toddler. Seriously, it’s hard. There’s times I’m about to rip my hair out and bang my head against the wall. Let’s rewind for a second to my FIRST pregnancy. When me and my husband finally moved into our appartment, I could nap whenever I had the chance, watch whatever I wanted on tv, and use the tons of free time I had to cook awesome meals and go out and buy things I wanted and needed. Alright, now were back to the present. My child doesn’t nap, so that’s out of the question. I’ve tried everything under the sun to get him to go to sleep but he will only occasionally fall asleep on the couch for 30 minutes. So I’m pretty much a zombie all the time. Hes also potty training which is super messy sometimes. There’s been a few dry heaves when I’m cleaning out the potty! And his rebellious phase. Dont even get me started. If I ask him not to do something, he wants to see how far he can push me before I lose my mind. So whats good about having two babies? Well I’ll tell you that part too 🙂

I cant tell you how EXITED we are to see him interact with his sibling. We know hes going to LOVE the fact that he will always have someone to play with and spend time with. Brothers and sisters have amazing bonds, and I’m so happy I get to give him that. Pregnancy doesn’t last forever, and I know I’ll gain my patience and energy back once the hormones clear. Well, the energy part maybe not so much… but I also can’t wait to smell that amazing new born smell. And nothing beats holding a sweet cooing baby in your arms!

So even though I’m only 8 weeks along and it’s already been crazy, I can’t tell you how excited I am about all the joys this will bring to my family. Even my mom and dad can’t wait to see how my first son is with his sibling! EXCITING STUFF 🙂

Me and my husbands story.

So this is my absolute first blog. Ever. I’ve thought for YEARS about creating one, but I guess I just kept thinking to myself “what am I going to write about?!” I mostly thought this because I couldn’t help thinking that my ordinary life simply wouldn’t entertain anyone. However, this morning the sun rose and I said “fu*k it, let’s see what happens”. So here we are. Now the first thing that I want to tell you guys about is me and my husband, and how we came together. Me and Jovanni both went to the same schools for most of our life. We knew who each other were, but never really socialized. It wasn’t until after high school that we truly met. It still makes me laugh to think about our first real encounter. I remember that I looked awful. Now I’m a girl that does her hair and makeup every time I go out, however this time was different. I had some kind of infection in my ear. It turned out to be a pimple right next to my ear drum. As stupid as that sounds, it hurt like hell. So my dad took me to urgent care to help me get some relief. So there i was, looking like a I just rolled outta bed, waiting for the doctor to call me in. We ended up waiting for hours. Now Jovanni just happened to be at the urgent care that day too. He was there with his uncle, helping to translate. My husband is hispanic but speaks perfect english, however his uncle is not fluent. Now my husband is usually very shy but as fate would have it, this day was different. He came and sat near me and asked how long we’d been waiting. I answered him though embarrassed about my looks. He still tells me how beautiful I looked that day (liar). We talked for 30 minutes or so, although I wanted him to shut up because of my throbbing ear and head ha!

Now fast forward to a month or so later. I was working at a spa as an esthetician. I found him on social media and added him. I know that’s such a lame way to try and talk to someone but hey, I had no other way so give me a break. The way I remember it, we simply liked each others stuff back and forth until he FINALLY messaged me. I should’ve messaged him earlier but what can I say, I’m a chicken. Heck, I even chickened out of the first date because i was so nervous. He never let’s me forget it. However the second time he asked me, I finally gathered up my courage and met him at a local frozen yogurt shop. I basically talked non stop the whole date and he only asked the occasional question. But it was comfortable. It felt right. We kissed that night and from then on, we were inseparable. We spent every moment we had together. He was a painter working long hours. When I say long I mean like 14 hour days. But apparently that wasn’t enough time apart to keep me from getting pregnant at 19. Yup. Not event 2 months together and I was KNOCKED UP. And that was that. A few months into the pregnancy, he asked me to marry him and I agreed. Now I have to say, my family is a pretty southern white family, so you can imagine the shock of me telling them I was pregnant with a hispanic mans child. They already knew I was dating him, but they were pretty blown away by the news. The first part of my pregnancy was pretty awful. My mom could not stand the sight of me. She was so angry at me, that she started to yell at me for any reason at all. The last straw was when I brought a bowl of popcorn down to my room one night to help satisfy my midnight preggo hunger. The next morning at 6 am she came storming down stairs demanding the bowl back and that I get up that second and wash it in front of her. Now I love my mom. And she loves me. I think she just didnt know how to deal with it all. I knew that I just needed to leave at that point. Me and Jovanni moved into a cute little appartment that ended up being way to expensive for us. I kept in touch with my parents and soon everything had smoothed over. My mom even happily hosted the baby shower. However, me and Jovanni struggled through our relationship durring this time. We hardly new each other and now we had this life together. He was working those same long hours and it seemed like as soon as he came home, I was supposed to close at work. He finally convinced me to quit my job and I found myself lonely as ever. He eventually had to buy me a cat just to keep me company. We named her Mima and shes my absolute baby now! When our son finally arrived I struggled with post partum depression and the fact that my husband never saw his child. It was the hardest time of our lives.

Where are we now? Well, my husband FINALLY quit his painting job, and after working for different companies he finally settled into a better paying job he liked. We started having time together and we became much happier. We moved into a trailer with super cheap rent. Even though we can afford better, we wanted to be able to enjoy ourselves a little and we have. Now we’ve been married for a while and we couldn’t be happier. In fact, we just learned were expecting another child, which we couldn’t be more excited for. Our families dont get along very well and there have been endless struggles we’ve conquered, but I guess that makes the strongest relationships doesn’t it? We love each other fully and tell each other everything. And even after being together this long, we STILL want to spend every waking moment together. Watching our son grow into a trouble making toddler has made us laugh and get frustrated together endlessly. We’ve beautified our small trailer together for so many hours and bonded in amazing ways. I always tell myself how lucky I truly am to have such a happy beautiful family. I had no idea where that pregnancy could lead but i took a leap of faith and I’m so glad I did.

So that’s our story. There’s still so much of our life that I cant wait to blog about. And I’m so glad I get to share it with you guys! Thanks for reading, and I’ll be posting more soon!